Energy & Engineering is responsible for the management of purchased utilities accounts where the University has operational control of the space, as well as for administration of utility recharges for UCSB on-campus auxiliaries.

Leased Space

In situations where a department occupies leased space, we defer to the parameters of the lease to define who manages the purchased utilities accounts. If the lease states that utilities are the responsibility of the occupant, the campus department should coordinate with Real Estate Services to contact us to establish a new purchased utility account(s).

New Purchased Utility Accounts

Please email the following information to

  • Occupying department name
  • Department accounts payable contact name, email, phone
  • Department LAFS for utilities payment
  • Vendor account information (i.e., vendor name, vendor account #, & service address)
  • Latest copy of vendor invoice, if possible

Existing Purchased Utility Accounts

It is the department’s responsibility to let us know when the following changes occur:

  • Department moves out of their leased space
  • There is a new accounts payable contact
  • You wish to change the LAFS being used for utilities payment

Campus Utility Recharge Customers

For data requests, account updates and general questions, please email For access to UCSB’s utility data management system, please complete the following form: