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Utilities Management

The Energy & Engineering team is dedicated to supporting the operations and growth of our campus utility systems, including power, lights, natural gas, potable and reclaimed water, central heating and cooling and on-campus renewable energy installations.

Responsibilities and functions of the unit include:

  • Management of purchased utilities accounts
  • Tracking and processing of campus utilities recharges
  • Informing campus planning, research, efficiency, and regulatory compliance efforts
  • Development of utilities purchasing strategy, including cost projections and reporting
  • Planning, implementation, and support of UC-wide energy initiatives
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Energy Services

The Energy & Engineering team is working to continually improve efficiency and thermal comfort in buildings while minimizing utility and operating costs to the campus. Our Building Automation and HVAC Engineering staff provide the following services to the campus:

  • Implementation of energy projects involving building HVAC control systems
  • Collaboration with the HVAC technicians that manage the daily operations of the control systems
  • Planning and implementing upgrades to Metasys, UCSB’s current Building Automation System, and developing a vision for the future of these systems
  • Developing campus standards related to HVAC control system
  • Review of HVAC and controls systems in new campus building projects
  • Supporting HVAC system commissioning efforts in new buildings
  • Building system scheduling, including holiday shutdowns and night/weekend setbacks>